A Necessary Itinerary For Travelling In Montana

If you are somebody who is on the lookout for ice-capped mountains, lush valleys, aquamarine lakes that spill into crashing waterfalls, you have come to the right place. I will be giving you an itinerary to travel across Montana, one of the most beautiful places in the United States of America. There are a lot of places that you can explore in Montana. Its crown jewel includes the glacier national park, and you should definitely go there.

glacier national park

  • Firstly, I highly suggest travelling to glacier national park, because it is something that should be on your bucket list. It is absolutely spectacular.
  • You will be navigating unfamiliar wilderness territory that will actually capture your imagination. It is that beautiful.
  • I recommend that you visit Montana in August or early September. The glacier national park, which happens to be the star of this itinerary, is actually crowded and packed in the month of July. In August, there won’t be that many people around.
  • You can have the place to yourself, depending on the weather. You should also know that everything is going to be shutting down by the end of September in glacier national park, because of heavy snow.
  • You should also understand the weather is quite fickle in Montana, and it is not uncommon to experience different temperatures when you are there. The weather is very unpredictable, because you are near the mountains. You cannot trust the forecast. You need to bring along some jackets and some shorts as well.
  • If you are planning on going in months where it is going to snow, I highly suggest bringing along autonomous along with your warmest jackets.
  • Make sure you get some reusable water bottles. The higher the elevation, the more water you will actually need. The wilderness of Montana is actually pristine and plastic-free, and that is why you need to bring your own reusable bottles. You will be fined heavily if caught littering.
  • Next, I highly suggest exploring the town of white fish. You get some amazing coffee and breakfast in a place called Swift Creek cafe. The eggs Benedict is absolutely spectacular. After breakfast, I suggest strolling around the downtown area of white fish and take in all of its charm and opportunities to shop. The town is actually quite small, and it is within a few hours of the glacier national park.
  • After you’re done exploring the small town, I highly suggest taking your adventurous roots to a big mountain. You should start your day at the wild coffee company and have some amazing coffee. After that, pack some essentials and start heading towards the big mountain. You will have access to miles of scenic hiking routes. You will definitely enjoy it.